Baltic Drive Sp. z o.o.

For us, freight forwarding isn’t just work or a job like any other. Freight forwarding means emotions similar to the ones we used to feel 100 years ago. The sea, ports, fleet, a window to the world.

We’re convinced that maritime trade doesn’t only contribute to world economic development, but also helps to establish exceptionally strong relationships between countries. Wondering about what awaits beyond the horizon is always positive.

Maritime trade is also associated with economic growth in various locations around the world where it’s needed desperately.
We participate in economic processes related to direct access to 153 maritime countries worldwide. Our work is a source of satisfaction.

Sea and land transport

  • Forwarding
  • Transports
  • Yachts
  • Storage
  • Far East, Near East, Brazil, Europe, United Kingdom
  • Seas and oceans

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