We service both full container loads FCL and less than container loads LCL. We transport loose raw materials in containers as well, which is currently quite a popular option.

Before loading the goods into containers we’ll help you choose a container right for their size and volume. We’ll also help you find the best packaging for goods to be loaded in containers.

Container sea transport uses various types of containers to transport goods:

  • STANDARD 20’DV, 40’DV, 40’HC
  • REEFER 20’, REEFER 40’, REEFER 40’HC
  • OPEN TOP 20’, OPEN TOP 40’
  • FLAT RACK 20’, FLAT RACK 40’
  • TANK 20’
  • HARD TOP 20’
  • PLATFORM 20’, 40’

Forwarding in sea transport

FCL, LCL, bulk freight in containers

FCL, LCL, bulk freight in containers

We service both full container loads FCL, less than container loads LCL and loose raw materials.

Maritime forwarding - Refrigerated containers

Refrigerated containers REEFER

Refrigerated containers are used to transport goods that require transportation at a constant temperature.

Maritime forwarding - bulk cargo

Bulk cargo

We offer forwarding services for loose, dry bulk cargo.

Yachts - transport, forwarding, relocation

Yachts – transport, forwarding, relocation

We provide transport of the floating craft – sea yacht relocation with our crew.

Goods in transit insuarance

We mediate in the insurance of property in transport.

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